Welcome to BNE Creative Support Docs

The product support pages are for those who purchased a product from our online store or within one of our online marketplaces such as Creative Market and Envato (CodeCanyon). If after reviewing the docs and you find that you are having technical difficulties, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to narrow down the issue, if the issue resides with our product.

Theme and Plugin Support Defined

We only offer support for our themes and plugins that provide features and functionality unique to our products. Please note that we cannot assist with general website design/development support or help with theme or plugin modifications and customizations in any capacity within our complimentary product support.

With that said, we will NOT provide help with the following items:

  • Third-party plugins
  • How to write HTML, or CSS code.
  • Extending Default Theme/Plugin Features
  • Theme/Plugin Modifications and Customizations
  • Issues that unique to your web hosting or server environment.

WordPress Themes

Sweetness FrameworkSweetness Framework

WordPress Plugins

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