Last Updated on April 22, 2019
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Yelp Testimonials API

Yelp's API only allows up to 3 reviews to show and requires their star design and branding. For Yelp, we've included our app key for everyone to use within the plugin. However, If you need your own key or our key is not available, you can use the bne_testimonials_api_key filter to supply your own. A Yelp API Key can be created at the Yelp Fusion website.  Result are cached for 1 week (7 days).

Julie N.Julie N.

Food wise this place is like every other mediocre alfredo's/alberts/alberto's, nothing special and i was hoping for GREATNESS after reading all the reviews.... Read More

Arvin P.Arvin P.

They've been in business for so long & for a good reason! The only Mexican food I'd lay my taste buds on. My favorites are the carne asada fries and... Read More

[bne_testimonials_api source="yelp" id="yelp-url-id" limit="2" readmore="true"]
The same API can be used with the [bne_testimonials_badge] shortcode by setting api="true" as an option.

BNE Creative DocsAlfredo's Mexican Food
4 Stars - Based on 124 User Reviews
[bne_testimonials_badge api="true" source="yelp" id="yelp-url-id"]

Finding your Yelp Business ID

The ID for your Yelp business listing can be found from the URL. You'll want to grab the part that is after "/biz/"

The ID shown above would be "arrow-smile-dental-covina"